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SakuraKnight, Oct 6, 12 10:07 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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What is Chivalry?
Welcome to [Chivalry], where honor and elegance is a priority! Now that SakuraKnight's self proclaimed guild motto is out of the way let's start mentioning the rules and daily activities that go on in the guild known as Chivalry.  We are a group of people who enjoy the online mmorpg called Eden Eternal. A lot of the players that make up this guild have different methods of playing the game while some share the same interest.  Whether you are classified as a dungeon raider, a harvesting farmer, a charming socialite whom likes to chat up anyone they happen to cross paths with, just a simple level conqueror, or someone trying to become the best pokemon master (whoops wrong game haha!), Chivalry has a place for you! "What is the purpose of this guild?" You may ask, well that my friend is quite simple, we all want to make the game Eden Eternal enjoyable to all of the players that make up our guild (and even outside of it as well).  If a guild member needs help with a quest, dungeon, got raped by like 20 monsters and died and needs a revive, or just has a few curious questions, then everyone in the guild (not just officers) do their best to assist them no matter what they are doing. Please don't be shy and ask for help when needed! Chivalry is here to make gaming for enjoyable for you!
As for recruiting, Any officer may recruit members. There are no requirements to joining the guild other than being active. If new members do not abide by the guild rules then they will be kicked so make sure people know the rules before they join! To have someone invited to the guild please let an officer know via pm. Thank you and have a lovely day!
Voice Chat
Chivalry currently uses 'Skype' as our voice chat server. (nothing beats free right? lol) If you would like to be added to skype conversations then please post your skype name in the "Skype Info" section of the forums or mail SakuraKnight your skype name! Thank you!
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